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Plant Productivity Systems Research Group

Discovery and utilization of key genes regulating plant productivity

The aim of our research group is the elucidation of cytokinin action on the control of organ development, sink-source balance, and the storage profile of assimilated products in order to improve plant productivity.


Study of cytokinins
We are interested in the functional mechanism of cytokinins, and are studying on cytokinin metabolism and signaling systems. To understand phytohormone network, we have developed a highly sensitive and high-throughput analysis platform of cytokinins, auxins, ABA, and GAs.
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Gene discovery for beneficail traits
Plant productivity is determined by genetic factors and environmental parameters. We are studying not only the identification of gene functions regarding productivity, but also mechanisms that respond to environmental conditions.
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Other researches
We make progress on our researches also in collaboration with external projects and private companies.
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  • RIKEN Plant Hormon Research Network
  • CO2 Response